Airbrush bridal makeup. Why would I have that? How do I ensure I look my best?

Airbrush makeup is a flawless finish that helps hide all imperfections and has maximum coverage. It is airbrushed on from a compressor system. It can be applied both heavy for a full coverage and light for a softer finish. It is water-resistant, smudge proof and has a 12 hour wear. Perfect for a full day of tears, laughter and wedding shenanigans.

Airbrush Makeup is Flawless and Lightweight

Tips to ensure the perfect makeup:

  1. Follow a skin care routine leading up to your wedding that your skin knows. Don’t make any sudden changes in case of reactions, sensitivity or breakouts.
  2. 5 Days out from your wedding have a facial with a professional exfoliation & masking treatment. Not only doe this give you glowing skin but is great to alleviate stress. Dont feel guilty about giving yourself this time.
  3. Remove every last bit of makeup! Ensure you have no remnants of mascara or stubborn eyeliner that will affect the makeup the next day.
  4. The night before the big day give yourself an “at home” facial. This will remove any last dead skin cells that can make the skin appear dull. A hydrating mask will ensure a beautiful, youthful dewy look.
  5. On the morning of your big day, lightly cleanse and moisturise your skin. Let the moisturiser set.
  6. Your skin is now all prepped for the makeup artist to prime and get started.
Take some time for self care in the final week before your big day. Rest is key to glowing skin!