All occasion Hair Styling, from the relaxed wedding guest, school formals, birthday's, first dates, anniversaries to the bride and everything in between.

Your date is booked in for your big day now lets talk hair…

Things to think of before your hair trial

  • Start googling, its a great idea to come to your trial with a direction or brief for your hair style. Up? Down? Half up? Formal? Relaxed? This way you can make better use of your trial time to ensure you have a good idea of your exact style when you leave your trial. Making lots of changes during a trial can just end up in confusion for both you and the hair artist.
  • When researching for your hair style, you need to consider the whole story of you wedding. What is the vibe? relaxed, formal, boho, beachy, classic… the list goes on The hairstyle you choose should be a continuation of your overall styling.
  • What hair style is going to compliment your dress and accessories? for example a backless dresses or amazing earrings are complimented by your hair being up, flower crowns or head pieces are enhanced by beautiful waves or curls down. Sleek styles like chignon or french rolls are suited to a formal black tie weddings.
  • If your having bridesmaids, what is their hair like, so when you are all together the story is consistent.


Another thing to note:

If your thinking of changing your hair colour for your wedding, remember to start the journey at least 6 months before so your colour is exactly your dream colour.

Formal Styling

Create a beautiful look with GHD or wand styling styling with pinning. Recommended for formal occasions, school formals or guests at a wedding.

Formal Styling$110.00

Bridal Styling

Creating the perfect crown for your special day. Wand or roller setting. By setting the hair we ensure better longevity of the curl to meet the demands of a long day looking amazing. Whether you are after a relaxed beach wave vibe, or a hollywood wave is more your style your hair will last better if it has been “set”.

We can create a classic updo for you like a French Roll or Chignon for a more formal looking bride. Or a effortless soft pinned upstyle to compliment you style.

Formal Styling$120

Bridal Styling Trial

Your hair is a piece in the bridal puzzle that must tell the story of the style your wedding will be. We will create your vision for you based on your requests. Our hair artists will be able to guide you and make changes to the style to ensure it is perfect. We book around an hour for your trial.



Formal Styling$120

Mother of the Bride Styling

Traditionally, mothers of the bride like to only have a nice blow dry on the day of the wedding. This service is great for that simple finished look. If you would like more styliing eg curls or pinning refer to “formal styling”

Mother of the Bride Blow Dry$60

Junior Bridesmaid (aged 8-12)

A beautiful relaxed up style or braiding to suit the wedding vibe.

Junior Attendant Hair Styling 8-12yrs$50

Flower Girl (aged 4-7)

A beautiful relaxed style or braiding to suit age and the wedding vibe

Junior Attendant Hair Styling 4-7yrs$40