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To complete our vision of helping you achieve your skin goals Fresh is aligned with Cosmetic Injectables Services provided by Kellee from LUX SKIN.

LUX SKIN Inspired by the profound Harmony of Health & Cosmetic Injectables.
Our Cosmetic Injector Kellee, has over 11 years experience as a Registered Nurse, and is a highly qualified Cosmetic Nurse Specialist valuing a high standard of service for your skin analysis & facial assessment consultation.

Kellee is passionate about offering more than just a cosmetic injectible service, she is enthusiastic about your skin health with a genuine desire to see you feel good about yourself, taking you on a journey, to a new & refreshed you. Through education on the importance of maintaining total health and wellness through intrinsic factors, such a diet & exercise, & extrinsic factors such as skin care, product selection & sun protection Kellee will deliver you with a great results with your skin & face.

Muscle Relaxants
Our muscle Relaxants will allow your muscle to relax & smooth out the fine lines & wrinkles giving you a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance. Keeping in mind that prevention is key, Kellee will put you onto a personalised treatment program that will give you the best results to achieve a youthful appearance, slowing down the appearance of the signs of ageing.

Dermal Fillers
Our dermal fillers will enhance your features, replace volume loss & allow the skin to have structure & shape once again. Our dermal fillers are also used for young skin that would like to have some features ‘glamorised’. Our most popular treatment for the younger generation is cheek enhancement & lip augmentation. Our approach is Natural Natural Natural. I only allow for a natural look & will walk you through the steps of a beauty plan to achieve this look.

We are constantly in line with the latest treatments available in the Beauty & Aesthetic Industry & only offer the Industries finest quality of products, Please refer to our treatment menu for pricing.



Each Dose needs to be tailored to your personal muscle strength & needs. $12.90 per unit

Crows Feet$206
Perioral Rhytides / Kissing Lines$100
Face Slimming$500
Chin Area$100
Neck Lift$385
Brow Lift$59
Bunny Lines$59
Lip Eversion$59


Every individual requires a unique treatment, each dose is tailored to your individual facial assesment. Price guide is per ml and are Start From prices.

Lips with 1 other area$499
Lips Fuller Volume$599
Cheek Definition$499
Jaw Structure$499
Jowls Treatment$499
Brow Lift$40
Tear Through$400