Brow Shape$22
Brow Sculpt - Shape & Tint$32
Lash Tint$23
Brow Tint$13
Lash & Brow Tint$32
Henna Brows$21
Henna Brow Sculpt$41

What is Henna Brows??

Henna brows are a way of tinting brows that stains the skin beneath the hairs, as well as the hairs. The stain on the skin lasts up to 2 weeks, and on the hair up to 4 weeks. The look you can expect is more of a makeup, shaded look which is great for thinning brows. Colours range from ash blonde to dark brown/black.


Lash Extension Set$105
Lash Touch Up (up to 3 weeks)$65
Lash Touch Up - Half Infill (2 Weeks)$35
Lash Rebuild (3 or more weeks)$80
Lash Lift & Tint$75

The Inside Scoop on Lash Extensions

Lash extension are a great way to enhance the eye area & are suitable for all age groups. With different lengths, thickness and curl of the extension we can create a custom look that firstly preserves the natural lash & suit your eye shape.

There are 2 main types of lash extension:

The Classic:

which is a more natural looking lash.One single lash is grafted to 1 natural lash. Perfect if your wanting a little more length and lift with curl.

The Volume:

which is more of a fluffy, voluminous look. We graft a pre-made fan lash to a single natural lash. At Fresh we use very fine volume lashes and apply more of them for a full look. Our priority is to ensure natural lash health and to not put the natural lash under too much stress by grafting lashes that are too heavy or long.

Fresh lash artists are very experienced, we have done over 5000 sets of lashes collectively!