As we enter the 11th year of Fresh Salon, it’s worth a look back at our journey to this point. There’s been 4 different premises, 6 renovations, the birth of our hair salon, and now skin clinic, all from a tiny owner operated beauty salon with 1 part time employee. What a ride!

Starting out in a small beauty salon, I set a mantra to deliver good service, great treatments, to stay progressive and up to date with what is new in the beauty industry and make this available to our valued clients. By developing relationships and caring about the clients we have created a strong loyalty which allowed Fresh to grow every year since 2005. In 2010 we had grown to a staff of 4 and were fast outgrowing our space. I saw a need for a good hair and makeup venue to service the growing wedding market in Nelson Bay. This led to my decision to expand the business and open a hair and makeup salon to compliment the direction Fresh heading in. Now with 2 separate locations and our popularity gaining momentum, we again started outgrowing the spaces.

Walking to work one morning I noticed the old ambulance building was up for lease. By the time I had reached the salon to start work I had a wild crazy idea to move both the beauty salon and the hair salon in together in the ambulance building. A phone call and inspection and by the close of business it was decided, then the major conversion began. Renovating the ambulance building was a mean feat, it was dilapidated and basically a garage. After 4 months of renovations we opened and now provide our clients with the opportunity to receive hair and beauty treatments all under the one roof.

The latest progression at Fresh is the expansion to include our Skin Clinic, focused on serious skin care and IPL treatments we are dedicated to providing our clients the opportunity to experience a professional treatment in a friendly personalized atmosphere. Stay tuned for the next chapter 🙂