To get the best result with your makeup your skin needs to be prepared perfectly. Just like any good paint job it is very important to ensure your canvas is clean and primed.
Firstly you need to remove all traces of old makeup, dirt and debris. Using cleanser and a face wipe clean your face paying special attention to the eye area and ensuring all traces of mascara are gone. Repeat if necessary until wipe is clean. Leaving old eye makeup will result in shadows under your new foundation.
Now you have a squeaky clean skin we need to moisturise with serum or lotion to give the skin suppleness under your foundation. Next apply primer, I love Napoleon Auto Pilot Gold Primer. Apply a fine film, don’t over do it, too much primer and your foundation will slide off, the perfect amount will ensure your foundation lasts all day. Napoleon also has specialized primers, I especially love the Radiance primer in the areas you are going to highlight, like high on the cheek bones, this starts to build dimension in your makeup. Now your ready to start your perfect foundation base 😉